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Welcome to the Iris Blog. This section will feature updates on the product, latest photography events, and other useful information.

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Pakistan's silent photography revolution

It may be silent, but it isn’t entirely invisible. Just a few years back, a professional camera was a rarity in Pakistan. It was only to be found on journalists and the most dedicated enthusiasts. Since then, technology leaps, increased buying power, and the advent of consumer-level gear with professional quality results, has put high-quality photography within reach of the average person.

Go to any current sporting event, or tourist hotspot, and you will find many with professional DSLR cameras, or even mobile cameras that provide results to match. The Wiki Loves Monuments annual competition has seen an unprecedented number of entries from Pakistan, and photo sites such as 500px or Flickr, feature a wealth of outstanding imagery of the country.

The local demand for professional photography has also seen exponential growth. As mentioned in this interview of famed fashion photographer, Tapu Javeri, from 2013, the fashion industry alone has grown from a cottage industry to a multi-billion rupee market. Three years later, it is still vibrant and booming.

The biggest consumer of photography services is still the weddings ecosystem. You would be hard-pressed to find a nuptial ceremony without a photographer, and the famed ones charge quite a premium for covering them.

Despite this huge market and advances in technology, we are lacking in sophistication when it comes to photography services. And it is this gap that we plan to fill with

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