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Women International Film Festival 2017

Highlights from Pakistan's first Women International Film Festival (#WIFF), hosted by Women Through Film at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Islamabad on March 11th and 12th.

Films made by female directors were submitted from across the world, and 17 shortlisted films were screened from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Mexico.

The film festival comprised of esteemed panelists on both days of the event. On day 1, the panelists were actor and Director General of PNCA Jamal Shah, Miss Sadaf Raza, Miss Naima Ansari and Singer Aaron Haroon Rashid. Sunday's panel was outlined by Shamoon Hashmi, Mishi Khan, Kanwal Naseer, and Halimah Tariq.

Platforms such as #WIFF play a crucial role as a medium where women can highlighting their struggles, and raise awareness against domestic violence, through films as their channels. It is a great step towards fostering gender mainstreaming, and we wish the Women Through Film best of luck for continuing this initiatives in the years to come. was proud to be a photography partner for #WIFF, and would like to thank the volunteers that made coverage of the event possible. A special thanks to the organizers Madeeha Raza and Maryam Nafees on the trudenmous success of the first festival.

#WIFF2017 #WomenEmpowerment #WomenEntrepreneurs #GenderMainstreaming #EndDomesticViolence #WomenOfWonder

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Women Entrepreneurship Conference 2017

Pakistan's first ever Women Entrepreneurship Conference (WECON) was held last Saturday, 11th March, at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) auditorium in Islamabad. The conference brought together many prominent market leaders; both women, as well as men. Among the diverse audience were professionals, entrepreneurs, and students.

President of OPEN Lahore, Ayesha Hamid opened the session, highlighting the many opportunities that women entrepreneurs now have in the booming entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan. Chief guest, Dr. Arshad Ali, executive director for the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan, emphasized the need for putting higher education within reach of more women.

Other panelists included Khalida Habib, Director, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan -SECP; Yusuf Hussain, CEO, National ICT R&D Fund (Ministry Of Information Technology); Shahnaz Kapadia, Founder, Mera Maan; Shahina Waheed, Program Manager, UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization; Huma Mustafa Baig, Founder, Ministry of Change; Faisal Sherjan, Director, LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship; and Murtaza Zaidi, Executive Director, TiE Islamabad Chapter.

Platforms such as #WECON are essential in providing support, inspiration, and opportunities for women, and we hope to see Women Entrepreneurship Conference - WECON grow ever bigger, and more impactful. was proud to be the photography partner for #WECON. We would like to extend our gratitude to the contributing photographers: Ashar Azeem (TAG's Photography), Talal Qaiser, Rida Nasir, Hunain Aziz, and Ifrah Qureshi.

A special thanks to the organizers, especially Sayyed Ahmad Masud, Chief Executive Officer, Change Mechanics

#SheIsUnstoppable #WonderWomen #WomenLeaders #WomenEntrepreneurs #WECON17 #WECON2017"
Read more New Platform Announcement is excited to enter the new year by sharing great news with you! We have launched a completely new version of our platform which will be much easier to use, and will enable photographers to showcase their work in an elegant portfolio. We invite you to explore the new platform, and experience the improvements for yourself.

In the coming weeks we will start promoting photographers widely on social media and would love to promote your work as well. To enable us to feature your work we need you to update your profile with your best photos.

If you have any questions about how works or how to use the web platform please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact button above.

We look forward to you being a part of the journey in 2017!

Read more is live is open for registration. There are still a lot of features in the works, and this is just the first step. We also have a number of events, workshops, and other activities planned for the near future.

If you are a professional photographer, signup at, and add your portfolio. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

This is an excellent time to become part of our core team. Prerequisite is a deep passion for photography. We have interesting opportunities in technical, and marketing domains. We also have a great internship program. If you think you have what it takes, and are interested in being part of the team, we would love to hear from you.

Let us know how it went, and feel free to leave your feedback using this form.

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Pakistan's silent photography revolution

It may be silent, but it isn’t entirely invisible. Just a few years back, a professional camera was a rarity in Pakistan. It was only to be found on journalists and the most dedicated enthusiasts. Since then, technology leaps, increased buying power, and the advent of consumer-level gear with professional quality results, has put high-quality photography within reach of the average person.

Go to any current sporting event, or tourist hotspot, and you will find many with professional DSLR cameras, or even mobile cameras that provide results to match. The Wiki Loves Monuments annual competition has seen an unprecedented number of entries from Pakistan, and photo sites such as 500px or Flickr, feature a wealth of outstanding imagery of the country.

The local demand for professional photography has also seen exponential growth. As mentioned in this interview of famed fashion photographer, Tapu Javeri, from 2013, the fashion industry alone has grown from a cottage industry to a multi-billion rupee market. Three years later, it is still vibrant and booming.

The biggest consumer of photography services is still the weddings ecosystem. You would be hard-pressed to find a nuptial ceremony without a photographer, and the famed ones charge quite a premium for covering them.

Despite this huge market and advances in technology, we are lacking in sophistication when it comes to photography services. And it is this gap that we plan to fill with

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Welcome to the Iris Blog

Welcome to the Iris Blog. This section will feature updates on the product, latest photography events, and other useful information.

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